Dubai Ski Resort Review

The Dubai Ski Resort, or Ski Dubai, is an extraordinary indoor ski and snow fun center. You can ski any of the five different runs or spend your time snowboarding the 300 foot quarter pike.

Everything you expect from a ski resort can be found here. You can rent equipment, take lessons, send the kids off to their own play area and make use of the changing rooms and lockers.

Not many people take winter cloths to the desert so to help in the 32 degree temperatures they also rent winter ski wear. They make the snow at night and the temperature is lowered to 30 degrees, but you won't be there during the snow making hours.

The Dubai Ski Resort is built into the side of the Mall of the Emirates. It is one of the biggest attractions and one of the most exciting things to do in Dubai, so if you are planning a visit don't miss it.

The ski runs vary in height, steepness and difficulty making them challenging for all different levels of skiers. The longest run is 1300 feet and about 200 feet steep. A quad chair is waiting at the bottom to take you back to the top.

Dubai Ski Resort From Outside.
Dubai indoor ski resort looking in from the outside.
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The Dubai Ski Resort is the first indoor snow paradise in the Middle East. It is located in the Al Barsha area. The size of this place is sure to amaze, taking up the same amount of space as three football fields, or twenty two thousand square meters.

The Dubai Ski Resort has real snow, that's right, real snow in the desert. It's man made but they still claim it's real. Pure water is run through a chiller, then sent though pipes to the snow guns in the ceilings. The cold water is then blown out into the freezing enclosure. As it contacts the cold air it crystallizes, thus making the snow. The result is called real snow.

This amazing structure is kept cool with the help of massive amounts of insulation in the walls and the ceiling. It gets help with the use of twenty three blast coolers. Cooling pipes are run through the floor to keep the snow cold all day as the air temperature rises. Each night about thirty tons of new snow is added.

Dubai Indoor Ski Resort.
Indoor ski resort in the Emirates mall.
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As amazing as all this sounds Dubai Ski was not the first indoor ski resort. There are over a dozen of them located around the country.

You buy ski slope tickets in two hour intervals so plan to make the best use of your time. When you are not on the slopes food is available at the Avalanche Cafe or the St. Moritz Cafe.

Ski Dubai is open seven days a week. It is said weekends can be crazy busy, so if you have the option, try it during the week. They open at ten in the morning and stay open until eleven in the evening. They stay open until midnight on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Trips to this winter paradise in the desert can be booked through You can contact them at 961-70-103222.

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