This is Our Montreal

Outdoor billboard advertises Outdoor billboard advertises beach vacation on the snowy streets of Montreal

On your typical Montreal tourism website, the photoshopped pictures look great. The sales pitch is slick and compelling.

This isn't one of those sites.

It wasn't produced by an advertising agency

Montreal is where we call home

family on snow sled Family on Snow Sled.

A place where outdoor billboards advertise winter getaways to the sunny beaches of Cuba.

In spite of the cold winter weather, my wife, my son and I really enjoy our lives here.

We thoroughly enjoy the four distinct seasons, and appreciate each one to its fullest potential.

Images courtesy of Tourisme Montreal

If you've never been here, you might enjoy "Montreal, in 2 Minutes."

Produced by our local tourism office, it's a very nice, high budget promotional video.

The non-stop roaming camera will give you an idea of what this city is like.

A city that has been given top marks as one of the world's most liveable cities.

If you watch the video, you'll notice that winter is noticeably absent.

That is the focus of this site:

One family's experience with winter in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

With that as our starting point, let's set the scene with the next video.

Admittedly it isn't a big budget production.

I shot it on my camera during one of the snowiest winters in recent memory.

Winter 2007-2008

More information about Montreal:

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