Toro Snow Blowers

Toro snow blowers make a good choice in a medium priced snow removal tool. They have three basic types so it's important to consider your needs before making the purchase. No matter what size you choose, you will be getting a good, solid, value for the money.

Toro makes two types of electric snow blowers. These small units are for light duty work like patios, decks and walks. The major benefit is not using gas, you plug it in and it starts every time. Not burning fuel makes them eco-friendly to use.

The Toro Power Shovel sells for about a hundred and ten dollars. It has a 12" clearing width and can toss the snow up to 20'. The two year warranty states if anything goes wrong with this snow blower in the two years they will fix it for free.

The second electric snow blower is the 1800 Power Curve and it sells for just over three hundred dollars. It clears an 18" path and throws up to 30'. This unit is equipped with the Power Curve System which drastically reduces clogging. Another handy feature is the lift handle for moving the snow blower from one location to another.

Bigger snow jobs will require larger snow blowers and will also require the use of a gasoline engine. Single-stage snow blowers are the least expensive of the motorized machines. The auger that chops the snow also throws it where the two-stage units include an impeller for throwing the snow. Again, your needs will determine how much you need to spend to get the job done.

Toro sells five single-stage snow blowers. The least expensive is the Power Clear 180, selling for about four hundred dollars. It's powered by a Toro 4-cycle 87cc OHV engine. It clears an 18" path and throws snow up to 25'. The Power Clear 210 is a similar tool but it clears 21" and throws 30'. It's powered by a 141cc R*Tek engine and sells for around six hundred dollars.

The Power Clear 221Q sells for about seven hundred and fifty dollars. It has similar stats as the 210 model but it comes with an electric starter and the Quick Shoot system allowing you to easily change the direction of the chute.

In the eight hundred dollar range is the Power Clear 421Q. This comes with a Toro 163cc engine, the electric start, the zip defector, the power propel drive system and the power curve system. It clears a 21" width and throws 35'. Most Toro single-stage snow blowers not only come with a 2 year warranty, they have a 2 year guaranteed to start promise, meaning if they fail to easily start, they fix for free.

The CCR 2450 GTS sells for just over six hundred dollars and is powered by a 141cc engine. It has a 20" width and throws up to 30'.

The big boys in snow throwing are the two-stage machines and Toro sells six different models. The Power Throw 722E sells for about a thousand dollars and is powered by a 205cc Briggs and Stratton engine. These bigger units come with a three year warranty but not the two year guarantee start deal. This model cuts a 22" path and throws the snow up to 30'.

The Power Max 726 OE sells for eleven hundred and cuts a 26" path. It also has a 205cc Briggs and Stratton engine. The 826 OXE model uses a 250cc engine with the other stats being similar. It sells for fourteen hundred. At sixteen hundred the 828 OXE cuts a 28" width.

The really big machines are the Power Max 1028 OXE with a 305cc engine and the 1128 OXE with an 11 HP Tecumseh engine. They both cut a 28" width and can throw the snow up to 45'. Plan on paying between eighteen hundred and two thousand for one of these Toro snow blowers.

With all these Toro snow blowers available there is sure to be one to fit your needs and your budget.

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