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Simplicity is a company in the Briggs and Stratton Power Products Group. That statement should tell you two things, the Simplicity snow blowers will be high quality tools and they will all carry one of the best small engines ever made. Briggs and Stratton has been putting their engines on tools and toys for many years and they are one of the industry leaders.

The Simplicity snow blower line up starts with a couple of single-stage models. The Compact 521E has a 21" clearing width and sells for six hundred and twenty five dollars. The 522 E clears 22" and sells for seven hundred and twenty five dollars. They both have 4 cycle Briggs and Stratton Snow Series engines with electric starters. Another feature they both share is the all rubber auger, designed for strength and a longer life. These are lightweight units that can shoot snow up to 30'.

The lowest priced dual-stage Simplicity snow blower is called the Intermediate Dual-Stage and it sells for right at a grand. This model claims to have the maneuverability of a smaller snow blower with the power of a larger one. The Intermediate Dual-Stage features a heavy duty welded construction and heavy gauge steel auger housing, chute and frame. It clears a 24" path and throws snow up to 40'. They have 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse and ride on 15" Artic Trac tires.

The Large Frame Dual-Stage snow blowers start at twelve hundred and go to seventeen hundred. There are three different models, L1226E, L1428E and the L1630E. These models have very similar stats except the clearing widths which are 26", 28" and 30". Some of the shared features for these snow blowers are headlights, Briggs and Stratton Engines, the Easy Turn system, drift cutters, Artic Trac tires, cast-iron gear boxes and chute defectors.

The big boys in the lineup are the Signature Pro Commercial Duty snow blowers. The different models are the P1524E, P1628E, P1732E and the P1738E. The clearing widths are 24", 28", 32" and 38". The P1524E can throw the snow up to 40' and the others 45' when using the special Power Boost. The exclusive Power Boost automatically adjusts the power to the auger and impeller as it analyzes the snow. These units also have the Easy-Turn system helping you to make the tightest turns with minimal effort. The engines are the Snow Series Max by Briggs and Stratton that have large mufflers for quieter operation. The gear boxes are all heavy-duty cast iron. Expect to pay between eighteen fifty to twenty seven hundred for one of these top of the line Simplicity snow blowers.

Simplicity manufactures many other useful tools for around the home. When the snow is not falling, and the snow blower is put away for the season, pull any one of these machines out and make your yard the best on the block. The Chipper Shredder will vacuum, shred and bag all types of yard debris. The Field and Brush Mower will mow the toughest weeds, grass and wood growth. The Lawn Vacuum is like a big lawn mower making leaf raking a thing of the past. What the vacuum does not get, turn the Leaf Blower loose on it. This leaf blower is on wheels with over four times the air volume of hand held models. Simplicity snow blowers are a good choice as are all the rest of the Simplicity yard and garden tools.

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