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The Arien company has been making outdoor power equipment since 1933, a lot more than just Arien snow blowers. Some of the Brands they manufacture are Ariens Sno-Thro, Gravely, EverRide, Great Dane, National Specialty Mowers and Locke Reel Mowers. The employees at Arien take pride in making high quality American made equipment.

The Arien snow blower lines are classified as Professional, Deluxe Platinum, Deluxe, Compact, Pro-Track, Deluxe Track, Brushes and Value.

The Arien Professional Sno-Thro series consists of the Pro 26, Pro 28, Pro 32, Pro 36. The numbers represent their clearing width and the engine sizes are 305cc and the rest 342cc. They all have automatic traction control, hand warmers, headlights, drift cutters and cast-iron gear cases.

The Deluxe Platinum series includes the Deluxe 24 Platinum and the Deluxe 30 Platinum. These are powered by 249cc and 342cc engines. The numbers in the model name again indicate the clearing width.

In the Deluxe Sno-Thro line are three models, the Deluxe 24, the Deluxe 27 and the Deluxe 30. They are powered by 211cc, 249cc and 287cc engines. They all have 14" impellers and steel THF chutes.

For a more moderately priced unit look into the Compact Sno-Thro series, the Compact 20 or the Compact 24. They have 205cc engines and 12" impellers. They also have fold down handlebars for easy storage.

A more professional Arien snow blower can be found in the Pro-Track Sno-Thro series. Choose from the Pro-Track 26, Pro-Track 28 or the Pro-Track 32. The engines are either 305cc or 342cc. They ride on a system called the Directional Snow Trac for some of the best traction on any snow blower.

The Deluxe-Track Sno-Thro line includes the Deluxe Track 24, Deluxe Track 27 and the Deluxe Track 30. The engines are either a 249cc or a 305cc. They have 14" impellers and the Directional Snow Trac system.

For light snow, and many other uses, Arien has the Brushes line, including the Sno-Brush 28 and the Sno-Brush 36. The engines are 205cc and 305cc electric starts. The features include hand warmers, headlights and a pivoting brush head.

Ariens best value snow blowers might just be in the value line with the Sno-Tek 22, the Sno-Tek 24 and the Sno-Tek 26. These machines are all powered by 208cc engines. The smaller unit is a single speed while the other two have six forward and 2 reverse speeds.

It is advised that you look closely at your snow removal needs and then choose the Arien snow blower that is the perfect compromise between cost and how well it is suited for the job. You may want to visit a local yard equipment dealer in your town and find a knowledgeable salesperson. Find out what snow blowers your neighbors are using, what models are selling well in your area. Look at all the different options and decide which ones would be used and which ones would be a waist of money. Look closely at warranties and where the unit can be serviced. You can then finish your research online by comparing prices. Does the local store price look good? If so, there could be a lot of benefits from buying local, service being just one of them.

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