ATV Snow Blowers

ATV snow blowers offer several advantages over standard two-stage snow blowers. First off, ATV owners love to use them every chance they get. Clearing snow quickly becomes something fun to do when it means you get to use the ATV. Secondly, you get the job done much faster with a clearing width of 50" or more. I'm not always sure if this is a blessing or a curse but owning an ATV snow blower makes you the most popular person in the neighborhood every time the snow falls.

An ATV snow blower kit will take you a couple of hours to get installed and set up on your ATV. After the hard part is done it then becomes a simple matter to hook the unit up and have it ready for use. This should not take more than a few minutes before and after each use. The mounting brackets will remain on your ATV.

The only word of warning we have for those of you ready to hook one of these up to your ATV is to get the one that matches your make and model. The mounting hardware will vary from one brand to another so get the unit designed to mount on your specific ATV.

How much are you going to have to pay for one of these snow removal tools? More than the most expensive standard snow thrower on the market, but, it's a bigger, better and more powerful tool. There are models on the market for a couple of thousand that do not have their own engines, but the real ATV snow blowers, the ones you want to look at, do.

The Bercomac Prestige 54" snow blower for an ATV that sells for forty eight hundred dollars. It comes with a huge 23HP engine. The saddle allows you to adjust the chute, engage the clutch and start the engine all from your seat. This model has a one year warranty, unless you take your new tool commercial, then it's a ninety day warranty.

The Bercomac Versatile line sells a few different models of ATV snow blowers. They have a 48" wide, 15HP electric start engine, model selling for thirty two hundred dollars. One of the 54" models has a 15HP engine and sells for thirty five hundred dollars. They also have one year warranties.

Quadivator Inc. sells an ATV snow blower that's powered by an 18.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine and clears a 50" path. This snow blower is actually sold as three different components, all required to make it work. You need the snow blower, the B&S power pak and the quad interframe. When it's all hooked up you have a top of the line ATV snow blower.

Another way you can use your ATV all winter long, in a productive manor, is with an ATV snow plow. These start at about seven hundred dollars and will do a very decent job of removing snow, but hey, they are no where near as cool as an ATV snow blower, not even close. Not everyone, however, has an extra three grand laying around just to get rid of some snow.

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