No One Enjoys Shoveling Snow

a snow shovel is basic equipment during a canadian winter

We have lived in Canada all our lives, and have never met anyone who enjoys shoveling snow.

There are certainly more enjoyable ways to exercise than picking up a shovel.

Snow isn't always just that fluffy white stuff that you see in the movies. During "warmer" temperatures we can get accumulations of "sticky snow".

This is a heavier and wet snow, that children use to make snowmen and snowballs.

Clearing this heavy and packed snow is back breaking work. It is sometimes referred to as "heart attack snow". Sadly, after heavy snowfalls there are cases of fatal heart attacks amongst snow shovelers.

The shoveling places a sudden demand on the heart, and may cause a rapid increase of heart rate and blood pressure.

Shoveling Snow - a Typical Scenario

shovelling off car in the dark during early morning

Let's set the scene...

It snowed overnight.

You awake to heavy snow accumulations.

It's 6 am,

it's cold,

and it's still dark outside.

Your car is buried in snow.

You need to be somewhere - and soon.

What are Your Options?

snow boots and a snow scraper

Well quite frankly, you don't have many.

The best thing to do is keep a positive attitude and get it over with.

You'll probably want to grab your winter boots and snow brush before heading out the door.

You may also want to bring your insulated thermos full of hot coffee.

Alternatives to the Snow Shovel

motorized alternatives to a snow shovel
The snowblower and the snowplow have existed for quite some time.

Unfortunately, there weren't many around when we were kids.

my brothers and I were expected to shovel dads driveway first

Me and my two brothers were expected to do our share of snow shoveling.

Shoveling the neighbors driveway is a good way to earn some pocket money when you're a kid.

The only prerequisite was that dad's driveway had to be cleared first!

On a more serious note...

Tragedy struck during the winter of 2007-2008.

Fear gripped the province after a snow-laden roof collapsed near Montreal. Three women, who worked in a warehouse, were killed when its roof collapsed under the weight of excess snow.

Officials urged the public to heed the warning signs of potential roof collapses; cracks in the walls, doors that don't close properly, or that get stuck in their frames.

Homeowners responded. They were out by the hundreds, perched dangerously atop their roofs as they shoveled huge mounds of snow to the ground.

School board's also responded. One school board sent home 90,000 students because they were concerned about the security of their students and staff.

Volunteers were recruited over one weekend to clear off the snow of hundreds of schools.

See People Shoveling off Roofs in this News Report

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