Suggestions to Clear Snow Off Driveway?

by Andy
(Colorado, USA)

I have a mountain cabin with a sunken driveway that always drifts across right where it meets the county road so I can't drive in. The drift is three feet high and VERY hard packed due to regular 40 mph winds. The drift covers the drive way - 8 feet wide - and is not very long, maybe as little as 10 feet. Wind always blows there, so even if there is no fresh snow, it will pack in again over night. I put in a snow fence, then two, but that hasn't prevented the snow from packing into the sunken part, which can't be filled in.

In the distant past, I dug. I'm too old for that.

Then I sledded my supplies in, which was fun until I got too old for that too.

I can't afford a snowplow for my truck, and besides I would need the snowplow to get to the shed where i would store the plow.

So I don't have a lot of area to clear, but the snow is heavy, almost solid (i even drove across it once. and then had to dig out my brother-in-law when he tried it.)

any suggestions?

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