Snowfalls in India


Snow fall in India is more in Northern regions. Here the winter seasons stars from August and goes till January. My experience here snow blowers are, we require more of small two cycle engine. The reason is the extent of snow fall here is not much. The snow blowers are chosen based on the thickness of the snow layer’s and the area of the snow.

Here snow fall is more in Simla and North Eastern regions were hills are more. The requirement of power for such blowers makes it very critical. Since the regions are power starved, equipments which require less power are used more. The power shovels are very much used considering its lesser cost. The clearing of snow in roads are more done by army and they use the power shovel. The weight of such power shovels needed to be light weighted taking into consideration of the terrain of such regions. The army floats tenders and purchases the snow blowers. The lowest bidders are chosen and advertisements are published in national newspapers. The army requires all terrain vehicles with special attachments of snow blowers such as 2 way blade, rotary snow blower to enable them to move up the hill during their secret operations as well as rescue operations.

The Vaishnadevi temple in India is visited by pilgrims and the same is situated in the snow clad Himalayas’. Here the roads get covered by snow and cutting the same using snow blowers is vital to enable transport of essential commodities to the pilgrims. Here the thicknesses are less than 5 inches. Snow falls ranging from 12 cms to 45 cms are experienced here in India. The requirements of power shovels as well as two cycle engine snow blowers are required and the Army uses them more as they guard such snowy regions which are abetted by enemy countries like China and Pakistan.

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