Going skiing in Santa Fe

by Nikola Dereban
(Struga, Macedonia)

I've always wanted winter for the snow and the way it reshapes everything around it when it covers it in white, making it more magical and mysterious, like suddenly the world around you has completely changed from the way it had been before.

Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to go on winter vacation as a child, and neither of my parents knew how to ski, so I've never learned to ski myself despite my great desire. It's kind of embarrassing really, when all your friends show up with the fancy ski equipment and start to show off their elegant ski maneuvers on the terrain and you can't even move your feet. So that is the main reason why I avoided these trips despite my great love for the sport and the snow.

But one winter I've somehow overcame my inhibitions and decided to go with my friends to the Santa Fe Ski Resort. I didn't bring ski equipment with me cause I didn't intend to ski, but I felt kind of awkward when in the afternoon all of my friends went to the ski lifts and on the ski terrain and I always had to come up with an excuse of why am I not going, and I felt like everyone saw right through me.

I spent the days reading a book in the tranquility of the wondrous nature and the snow always makes me feel calm. Sometimes I went hiking by myself and enjoyed the wonderful vistas of this region, but still I felt very lonely so I finally confessed my dark secret to all my friends. And understandably there were lot of jests on my account, but they agreed to show me some basics after I'd rented ski equipment and I think they really enjoyed feeling supreme watching me make rookie mistakes and telling me what I should and should not do.

But in the end of the day I still think that I benefited for learning something new at the end of the day although I still have to put up with the occasional jokes about that one time that we went skiing in Santa Fe. I'm not very experienced when it comes to ski terrains, but I liked the one they had in Santa Fe Ski Resort.

We also visited some of the local diners, I must say that the food out there is more than tasteful and if you ever go there don't miss the opportunity to visit the city, there are some excellent museums about the native Indians that inhabited these regions and if you want to go shopping, there are a lot of retail shops with extremely good prices.

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