10 Great Indoor Winter Games and Activities

Although it's supposedly springtime, we all know how the weather outdoors can take a long time to warm up. Thankfully, in Montreal, we're pretty good at staying entertained indoors. So here are ten great ways to avoid cabin fever whilst waiting for the summer months to come!

10 Great Indoor Winter Games and Activities

Embrace the Cosiness

There's nothing better than watching the chilly weather outside from the comfort of our cosy homes. So why not be like those Danes and enjoy a little hygge with friends and family as the ultimate way to beat the winter blues!

Cook for Comfort

We all know that home-cooked food does a great job of making a home seem a lot heartier. And whether it's a few cookies, or even some homemade bread, we all love to do a little baking as a reward for another chilly day in Canada.

Active Video Games

It's too easy to feel lethargic when the weather is bleak outside. This is why the Nintendo Wii is great fun as it can get everyone engaged in games like Wii Family Ski to prove that we don't need to head outside to enjoy a little physical skiing action.

Adrenaline-boosting Challenges

Similarly, there's great fun to be had on a bleak evening with mobile games like Lucky Nugget Casino's Quest for Beer online slots game which gives us another reminder that staying indoors doesn't mean we can't enjoy the occasional rush of excitement!

Crafting Fun

There are plenty more calming activities to enjoy too, with craft activities being a great way to keep the hands busy. So that whether it's knitting a chunky new scarf, or even indulging in an ambitious art project, it's better than just binge-watching endless TV series.

Movie Night

However, we're all guilty of being movie-nerds, and there's something lovely about settling down together with a big bag of popcorn and a new movie to watch on Netflix - much cheaper and cosier than heading out to the cinema!

The Joy of Reading

But there's something wonderful about curling up in front of a fire with a good book too. Whether that's a children's adventure book or the latest crime thriller, it can add the perfect touch of escapism to a winter's evening.

Time to Redecorate

As we spend a lot of time indoors in winter, we're all liable to do a touch of decorating when spring comes around. There's nothing better than having a good clear out, and giving the walls a fresh lick of paint can make the home feel brand new!

Planning Ahead

We often use the downtime indoors to plan ahead to see what we'll be doing when the warmer months come around. This often means doing lots of window shopping on travel websites like Expedia, and it can be life-affirming to see pictures of sunny beaches whilst we're still snowbound!

Checking the Weather

OK so this is something that we all do too much, but it's something of a national obsession to check weather sites like Accuweather to see when we can next expect a decent sunny day - perhaps not as fun as online slots games, but equally unpredictable!

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